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Re: a refreshing of the thread

A;&quot;I agree that the 77 is usable here, but I'd rather redefine the canon
at certain points than accept CRT's version. &quot;
L:I would rather do that also, wherever possible, but in some of the later history 77 is now the sole source for texts of any workability in some instances [Turin,Doriath,Gondolin], meaning sections of shapters not exclusivy.

A;&quot;As for the death of
Thingol, I think the 77 version could be kept - it makes a lot of sense,
and indeed looks like the only way to resolve the problem. Tolkien's
thoughts on this were by no means clear, anyway.&quot;

A;&quot; However, I think it would still be better to keep the Wanderings of Hurin in full (in terms of plot, not necessarily keeping the whole
narrative in the &quot;Quenta Silmarillion&quot. Having a band with Hurin
through the rest of his travels would require some slight rewrites, but
I think these would be worth it to preserve what Tolkien undoubtedly
wanted. Also, I don't think it was ever his intention to have the
Nauglamir be the only item brought to Doriath. The only two versions
we have to go on are:

Quenta Noldorinwa: Hurin and outlaws bring treasure to Doriath,
dying inexplicably on the way; Hurin must have Thingol send people
to carry the treasure (which obviously ruins the gesture),

and Wanderings of Hurin: Hurin still has a band of outlaws with him as
he sets off toward Nargothrond.

L: While the stated principle has been to rely solely on published texts. The stated scope of the current project is Darkening of Valinor a revision of the Silm chapter not the entirety of th X and it's subchapters], Of the Sun and Moon,Beren and Luthien.
This was designed as a pilot project to thensend about and seek a wider degree of paricipation.

Assuming this [or somethong similar] takes place and we can gather a sufficiently large group of people together to justify it's being a 'commitee on to decide the question of SilmarillionCanon'
or some such. I would be more than willing to alter the current working principles and use a modicum of creative writing [or as Michael so excellently put it- 'Inspired Forgery'] if that was seen as the solution which would be most true to the Legendarium. It obviously has a good case and is essentially a matter of Substituting some of CRT's for our own.

A;&quot;There's no indication of CRT's solution, that Hurin goes alone with
only the Nauglamir, at all.&quot;
L: Agreed but with the way he had w/ people [due to the curse] it is hard to imagine him keeping companions very long.
A:&quot; My suggestion is to follow the 77, but alter
the prose so that Hurin retains his outlaws, who accompany him to
Doriath with the treasure (not dying) and deliver it to Thingol. They
would, I suppose, wander off after Hurin leaves Doriath. What do you
think? &quot;
As asbove, it makes since. Personally I find Hurin taking the Nauglamir alone, w/out companions more plausible and I can easily see why CRT hit upon it.
But as ou point out there is no textual basis for it. It is just the simplest wat o wrap up th ethreads w/out getting involved in large amounts of Gold being transported through enemy territory , w/ all the strangeness of Thingol's folk helping and then being rebuked.
So I am happy w/ the 77 but it is hard to defend.

If you are interested in joining our pilot project we are always taking applications.
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There is currently Gwaihir and myself, along w/ a section of DoV from Durelen [in the next week or so ?] Mithadan a key formulator of the project in it's embryonic phase has been on a hiatus of sorts as he works on the Tales of Tol Eressea [well worth checking out if you have not done so].We of course hope to see him back w/ us at any time.

But currently we are a 3 person team in the midst of DoV, if Mithadan does rejoin by the starting of the next text I will propose we regroup and reprioritze the text selection, as Sun and Moon was to facilitate a Myth's Transformed alternate text which i do not think has much support among us at the moment.

Lindil is oft found on posting on the Silmarillion Project at the Barrowdowns and working on a new Elven/Christian discussion board<a href="" >Osanwe-Kenta</a> 'The dwindling Men of the West would often sit up late into the night, and awaken early before dawn- exchanging lore and wisdom such as they possessed , so that they should not fall back into the mean and low estate of those , who never knew or more sadly still, had indeed rebelled against the Light.' </p>
The dwindling Men of the West would often sit up late into the night exchanging lore & wisdom such as they still possessed that they should not fall back into the mean estate of those who never knew or indeed rebelled against the Light.
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