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Not fantasy, but I'm bursting to recommend one of my favorite authors: S. E. Hinton. She wrote 2 moderately "little kid" books, picture ones that is, The Puppy Sister being fantasy, Big David, Little David being... uh, I haven't read it yet, sorry, don't know. But she also wrote a few wonderful books that I recommend to all. One of these is The Outsiders, having a taste of everything, funny and sad, sweet and sour. That Was Then, This Is Now is amazing, but the end is terribly hurting. When I read it I walked around for three weeks in a daze, and reread all the book many times, except for that piece right before the ending, which I never touched again. There are 3 more, but those were my favorites. Not fantasy, and they're not for everyone, but I say they're certainly worth reading. And they make me cry, which is all too rare in the books and movies I read and watch.

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