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The Eye The contest is afoot!

Perhaps Sauerkraut's fate can be addressed in the Extended Edition, Thena.

Just had to comment on the contest entries so far, which are utterly inspired.

The thought of Gatesy, Earnur, Vogie and Kuru prancing around in their Village People get up is most amusing. I trust that Lord Etceteron wore a handlebar 'tache for the occasion. Mind you, I was looking forward to a rousing chorus of "R-O-E-B" complete with actions.

And Orogarn Two's Slim Shady routine was fantastic. Great lyrics! I always saw him as a heavy rocker myself, but never again. Someone give that man an ice-hockey mask and chainsaw.

At this rate, Soregum is going to have a very difficult time choosing (if he bases his decision on merit, that is, which is of course most unlikely).
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