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Sting I think I know why Lobelia S.B. is called Lobelia

JRRT had a habit (hobbit?) of playing on words for his characters. Baggins has something to do with moneybags for instance.
Anyway, while the Lobelia flower is pretty (Mrs. S.B. is not!) it is poisonus. If you hold it in your mouth (I read this, I did not try it) it is verry bitter and causes headaches and perspiration, longer causes dizziness and disorientation, finally if you haven't spit it out by this time it causes severe nausea and extreme vomiting. Funny, if I am around Lobelia S.B. for a long enough time the same thing happened. Remember after Bilbo left and Merry said I was indisposed? Three guesses why and the first two don't count!
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