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Glirdingo noticed a quick, sharp wince of pain on the prisoner as Marieme administered her salve to the wound. After she had finished, Glirdingo left her there under the guard of Marieme and walked over to where the others stood with Arianna, who had awoken.

He kneedled down and kissed her lightly before standing up once more to adress the whole group, speaking loud enough for Marieme and their prisoner to hear. "We must move out now, before another band comes and attacks us. I can see a cabin a few miles in the distance. Valesseka, Eomeléo. I would like you two to go ahead and scout the cabin. You should get there well before sundown if you ride fast. If there is no one there, hold down the fort and await us there. Start a fire as we may not arrive until sundown."

Glirdingo stopped, a little breathless and surprised at how calm he was remaining. He quickly got over it and continued. "Darin, Marieme and I shall start out once we figure out away to transport Arianna and our prisoner, for I would like to question her as she still seems to be delirious from the wound."

He looked at each of them individually. Finally, he looked at Arianna, who was gazing up at him, silent. He looked back at Valesseka and Eomeléo. "Okay, we all have our jobs. Now lets hop to it."
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