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Cabin Owner

David had been out visiting a neighbor that had needed his help. He had travelled late, which was something he highly disliked, back to his cabin. He sighed when he realized that he would have to gather firewood from the firewood pile in the dark. It would not be an easy task, but he would need to do it before he headed on to bed.

As he rounded the bend, he slowed his horse down to a near stop. He blinked and rubbed his eyes. There were lights on in his house and figures moving behind the curtains that he had pulled into place. Robbers! He was only but one man, how could he take on a gang of them. He placed his hand upon the hilt of his sword.

He came straight for the house. He left his horse at the door for a quick get away. He reached out, grabbed the door handle. David took his sword out of its sheath, yanked the door open, and jumped inside.

There he found a band of people. Two wounded and the rest taking care of them. Yet, he wasn't sure what they were truly all about. He narrowed his eyes and looked around at them.

"What are you all doing in my home?" David asked roughly. An elf came forward very submissively. "Forgive us, sir," the elf started, "But we are travellers that have run into some trouble. My wife is badly wounded and we caught her assailant. We were going to nurse the enemy back to health before we ask why she and her band attacked us."

David looked over and saw a female elf lying upon a stretcher. Her face was pale and she was licking her lips slowly, yet her lips did not glisten with saliva. She was clearly dehydrated and he was the owner of this house. He could only do what was needed of him.

"I believe your wife needs water. Welcome to my home. I am David," David said, putting his hand out to the elf. The elf took it and shook it. "I am Glirdingo. Thank you for your help," Glirdingo replied.
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