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David smiled at the dwarf and shook his hand. "No need to apologize. I see that you need help. I will try to accomodate where I can." He went over to the cabinet and brought forth blankets. Night time could get rather cold.

Arianna lay upon the ground, thankful that the man realized what she needed. Glirdingo came over with some water. He helped her into a half way sitting position and she drank the water slowly. As it washed down into her stomach she felt rejuvenated. After drinking the entire cup she smiled at Glirdingo.

"Thank you, love," she whispered. He lay her back down, planted a kiss upon her forehead, and smiled. "Any time babe. I am sorry I did not anticipate your need before. I shall be better I promise."

Glirdingo walked over to their prisoner and knelt down. "Now. To deal with you. Why were you trying to kill us? Who sent you?"
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