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Arianna watched as Glirdingo and Miriam interrogated the girl. Tears swelled in hear eyes as she realized that she was only a mere girl, doing as she had been raised to. It was not her fault. She was not an enemy. She was just merely at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Strength surged through Arianna, propelling her forward. She sat up and grabbed Glirdingo's leg, pulling him down and away from her. "Miriam! Stop it!" Arianna roared. She looked at the girl. "She was only doing as she taught. We can not treat her like this."

Glirdingo flashed a look at her, one of anger and annoyance. She had stopped him from interrogating the girl! What if she were lying? Then they could all expect to be dead. "Arianna! She may be lying!" Glirdingo argued.

Arianna narrowed her eyes and gave him a look that stated exactly how she felt. "No Glirdingo. I know in my heart that what the child says is true. I demand you to leave her alone." She flashed a look up at Miriam. Miriam released her hold upon the girl.

"Heal her. Nothing more," Arianna said, her voice unearthly quiet. She looked in between the two people that she loved the most. She knew that they were hurt and afraid that others would come and that she would die. Yet, Arianna knew that this girl was not evil. She had encountered evil and she was not it.

Arianna's vision swam and she collapsed upon the ground into a deep sleep, unable to do more for the girl.
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