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It had been a while that Jenfried had held a purse as heavy as the one she was holding now. Normally she wouldn't have hesitated to take it, but now she had. Something in the way the woman named Arianna had given it had made it different. This had made Jen - a girl very practical and selfish when it comes to survival - pause. It felt weird to have someone you had almost killed to give you alms.

Now the company was leaving and Jen was wondering what she should do. There was nowhere for her to go to. The return home had been denied a long time ago and now the bandits she had been traveling with had been scattered or slain. She looked at the adventurers. Their faces were distrustful, even hostile. It wouldn't be easy to win their trust or join the band.

I could make it alone in the wilderness, she told herself but she didn't believe her own words. She didn't know how to find food or water. In a city she wouldn't be given proper work being young, practically untrained to everything and female. Unless I wanted to sell myself or become a thief. Neither alternative seemed very attractive to her.

Once again, she looked at the adventurers. In their eyes she saw a challenge. I will win their trust, I will have them like me. In their eyes she saw a future. I will go with them, rescue their friend and take part in their adventure.

The spark of adventure was set aflame in her heart and it could not be denied any longer. "I will come with you", she said aloud, regardless of who was listening to her and who was not.

She strode out of the cabin. The elves were already in the yard, but the humans and the dwarf were still saying goodbye to the cabin owner. The travelers' horses were being saddled. One of them whinnied, another was eating grass. Darn, I don't have a horse, Jen realized. The horse she had been riding for past weeks had probably fled with the other bandits' horses and so was probably nowhere near.

Arianna seemed to notice her problem. The elf looked at the girl and suddenly she laughed. "I bet you don't weigh much, you can ride behind me on my horse. It can surely bear us both." "Arianna, that is not wise", Glirdingo warned. Arianna laughed again. Then there was a seriousness in her eyes. "Glirdingo dear, I trust this young manling even if you don't. Come, Jen."

Slightly ashamed but feeling somewhat triumphant, Jen mounted Arianna's horse. Eomeleo, Valesseka and Dárin emerged from the cabin. They saddled and mounted their horses.

"Northwards, then", Glirdingo announced. The little party left the cabin. Looking behind, they could see the patient cabin-owner waving to them. On a whim, Jen waved back to him and felt unbearably childish.

She eyed the northern woodlands ahead. An adventure was waiting for her. "I will buy myself a horse in the next village that is on our way", she assured Arianna.
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