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My family and I were on a long trip on some very large cruise, or maybe one of those Doctor Who city-spaceships, and Hookbill was coming for a visit. I made a very tasty looking baked dessert roll for his coming, and set off to meet him in the arrival place. I was a little late because of the baking, and he wasn't there by the time I came. On the way back I discovered he has met my siblings and some other kids, and they were all arguing heatedly over something in a park. "I am disappointed in you," I reprimanded Hook, "The kids are kids and my siblings are my siblings, but I thought better of you."

When we came home, I offered him the roll I made, but the ungrateful dream-Hook refused. "I am allergic to ragweed, cat dander, and[list some other allergies that are irrelevant to baked goods], I can't eat it. Even if you say you didn't use any of the ingredients I am allergic to, you have cats at home, and their hair could have gotten on the roll." Well, dream-Hook, for your information the allergens you listed are all respiratory and would not do squat to you if a tiny bit got in your stomach, it's not like you're stuffing yourself full of cat dander - but whatever, more dessert for me.

After chatting for a while, Hookbill said he was hungry and he really wanted eggs and carrots. So we started wrapping quail eggs (because we can, that's why) and pieces or carrot into foil to bake in an oven (because we can, that's why). Dream-Hook seemed very happy about the prospective meal, despite the possibility of cat fur getting on the tinfoil. The hypocrite.
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