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So, I posted, bringing things forward. The 'decision' was made - Beloan told the orcs they can go and the slaves will give them some supplies. If anyone has a problem with that being the decision, with how I handled it, and/or with the fact that I brought things to that point in general, please of course let me know. My post can of course be edited, and parts of it can be removed to be placed later.

Also, I 'used' Hadith briefly, Nogrod, just to say that he specifically helped Gwerr out of the pit. So let me know if that's alright. And please let me know if you think I handled Beloan alright.

Child - I hope everything is well with you, and if you get a chance to be around the Downs at all let me know what you think about...well, the current position of the game in general I suppose! Everything! Anyway, we miss you.

Really, we can wrap up Part 1 very soon if everyone's okay with that -- those who wish to do a final post (epilogue-ish) go ahead or at least express your desire to do so here on the discussion thread. And I know Pio and Undome have some business to finish, at least.

I don't mean to bring this to an abrupt semi-end (just Part 1!) or sound at all harsh, and step on anyone's toes, but I don't think this is going to really move along much more until we regroup somewhere down the road.

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