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I've been told I have the best Gollum voice next to Andy Serkis so here it is

Andy slamms me onto this big greay wall and hes choking me. "You ssstole our parts, precious, chokes her we will" And the fellowship and Elrond are throwing fruit at him screaming "No Stop!" And I keep getting hit in the head with oranges, finaly Pippin knocks Serkis out with a pineapple. Elrond picks me up off of the floor and cradles me in his arms. I try to move but he puts two fingers on my forehead and I cant move "you have been poisend " he says. Then we go on this long journey but they wouldent let me walk. They just keep carrying me.
Finaly We end up in Rivendell and all of the elves are looking at me commenting on how pale i look. Then Elrond whom I was calling Daddy put me on this bed. i looked to my left and grima is lying there at my side. "They are afliccted" said Aragorn. Then Grima reached out and I grabed his hand and started crying. Grima inches over to me and holds me in his arms and then i wake up.

I tend to have ornate dreams, this is one of my favorites
..You thought you were rid of me diddnt you?...diddnt you?!?!?
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