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ever since i read those books, i've had lotr dream after dream! [img]smilies/smile.gif[/img]
one in particular, involved my good friend, horse maiden of the shire, and i walking along pinawa, (our "town" we live in) then POOF! M.E time! legolas walked up to my friend and says quite 'as a matter of factly', "hello friend, why are you carrying my bow?" and she she says the same way, "'tis my bow! that on your shoulder is yours!" legolas and her go on with this for quite awhile until pippin comes up, "i'm sorry, legolas, 'tis her bow," legolas ran off crying (hehee! fun!) then's my turn. aragorn comes up to me, "hello, why do you have my sword, and i yours?" and me, "nay, you're mistaken, they just look the same." aragorn: "oooooh....okay!" a HUGE smile appears on his face, i remember cause of all the blackness from there being a lack of teeth, and: "lalala!" he then went running in the flowers, pippin yelled out something that resembled "go eat some tarts" (wha...???) and it was over.
needless to say, it is quite a strange feeling when you wake up laughing and your stumach hurts from it!
i'm not sure if i should be scared or laugh that there was a sequal to that one, that involved our favourite (sorry haldir!) elf crying [img]smilies/evil.gif[/img], a duel of which cloud was better, pink or purple, and duelling match of chucking walnuts at one another... it doesn't make sense, i know, but be glad you got the short version! [img]smilies/smile.gif[/img] i'm strange, yes i know, but at least my dreams are saner than i!
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