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My LotR dreams are just plain...weird. The one that I remember best was like this. We were in Rivendell and were watching this play and then I was on stage (I'm an actress) but I wasn't a character in the play, I was guarding the stage from the hordes of screaming fans then I was in the audience again and I was Legolas (No, I'm NOT in love with Orlando Bloom!) and I shot a bow, this was still in Rivendell, and somehow the arrow almost hit Elrond and I had to go to jail, which was in a restroom, until they discovered that somehow an orc had gotten into Rivendell and that was what I shot, so then I got to go with the rest of the Fellowship, only I wasn't Legolas anymore, I'm not sure who I was, and we had to swim across the sea to the undying land. I'm still not sure what prompted that one.

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