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I had this one really bazzarie dream that was kinda sorta a cross with xmen and lotr. I only say the xmen part because i was on this spaceship with hallie barry, my mom, and my friends ashley and nikki, and hallie barry was the cook, but she kept throwing up and it floated everywhere since there was zero gravity and all. then we pushed her out of the spaceship but everyone else but me accedently got sucked out of the airlock while we were pushing her. Then I was all alone in the spaceship and Hugo Weaving came in. It was weird because He was completly dressed as elrond, totaly in character, and I even addressed him as Elrond, but we talked about making the movie (apparently I had a part in it) and the cast members and all that. The same thing goes for Arwen and Legolas who came in shortly after him. I made us all salads up there in space and we ate them and Arwen said something about us being the thinnest cast members, and I said that Sean A had to gain weight for his part. And she agreed with me but said that since we were so thin we didn't need to eat salads and Legolas said that it was a good idea if we did because we couldn't gain weight since we were elves. Then somehow the spaceship landed and we went into this school that I recgonized but I'm not sure from where, because it was defenetly not my school. We kept sneaking aroung the hallways because we had to warn the students that the princapal was in league with sauron. But then we saw my cousin and she was a teachers aid their (which is really weird since she doesn't even teach or anything) and she took us all shopping at the Gap but I didn't want to go because I thought the students were in danger so I snuck away and put arsenic in the principals coffie.
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