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OK, I had another one(I'm hyper on medication so don't mind me)!

I was at Dell in my dad's office and Gandalf was with me and he was helping me with my world history, but it wasn't world history, it was ME history! When we were done reviewing the lineage of the stewards of Gondor, Legolas appeared and said I was needed at home(which was in Mirkwood of course), so he carried me down stairs(I had hurt my ankle?) and we rode of onto the highway on our horse Shantolé(we were married). Then Galadriel called us on Legolas' cell phone (?)and told us the matter was cleared up and we weren't needed home for another three days or so. We decided we were hungry and stopped at Chick-fil-a and ate outside on the grass. Then we stopped off at the stables where I ride and said hi to my teacher there. We finaly made it back home and went to see Elrond and Sam(they had something to tell us). They told us that we shouldn't tell anyone that we're married anymore and that Bilbo was just fine(?). Then we decided to go see Celeborn in Lothlorien, on our way there we stopped by the lamppost in the forest(Narnia) and had a picnic.

I woke up to my mother telling me she had been calling me for the past ten minutes. [img]smilies/rolleyes.gif[/img] That one was weird, but fun!
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