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Mithalwen is lost in the dark paths of Moria.Mithalwen is lost in the dark paths of Moria.Mithalwen is lost in the dark paths of Moria.Mithalwen is lost in the dark paths of Moria.
"I think we're all right, Jess" Karl's words weren't enough to completely reassure Jessamy, but they were enough to stop her from screaming again. She hobbled closer to Karl as best she could and had wit enough remaining to be embarrassed that she had hurt herself falling, yet again, and worse that she had fainted. Filbert would never let her hear the end of that if he found out.

But oh her head felt so fuzzy and she could scarce put weight on her ankle and that noise was still getting closer. But suddenly Duke was back with another dog, a smaller, odd-looking mongrel and then the caravan came into sight and it's driver was calling Karl's name. Maybe they were going to be alright after all. She relaxed for a moment and then remembered Edwin,

it was horrible seeing him like that and though she stayed close by Karl's side she could not bear to look at the boy. Instead she looked at the caravan. It was the most marvellous thing to a child's eyes - especially one with such a fondness for stories. It looked like a wonderful Wendy house on wheels with its colours bright as a child's painting, and it was drawn by a pretty grey mare, bigger than Silas' ponies but finer than the farm horses. Maybe she was still dreaming. How could a real person have such a fantastic home. Her eyes were as big as saucers as she tried to make out if the driver were a Wizard. She knew they existed - they said one visited the Prancing Pony from time to time. If he were a wizard, maybe he could magick Edwin better?

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