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Jessamy met Willem's gaze but was too shy suddenly even to whisper her thanks as he wrapped her in his cape. Too, shy, too busy trying to discern any clue that he was a wizard and just too slow as he moved on to Karl and Edwin before she could respond. She tottered after them mutely. Willem's cape, near full length on her, disguised her limp and it's deep hood hid her face and the wince that accompanied each step. Karl's outstretched hand aided her ascent in to the caravan but then the two men's immediate attention was all on Edwin and she was free to take in her new surroundings unobserved.

The waggon was as intriguing inside as out - more so since she would never have believed that it was possible to fit so much in the space. Not an inch was wasted it seemed. There was the bunk where they laid Edwin, and a cunning little table that could be folded away when not needed. Then a couple of bench seats but these had drawers and cupboards beneath, higher up were galleried shelves where jars and crockery could be safely stowed and little lockers and cubbyholes. Finally there were hooks bearing all manner of things that Jessamy couldn't quite make out in the dimming light of Karl's lantern. This she had placed on a convenient ledge while she installed herself on one of the benches and wrapped the thich, dark folds of the cloak closer about her. Then Willem lit the caravan's own lamps and she could see just about everything.

Unlike the brightly painted exterior, the woodwork inside was left natural save for a coat of wax or varnish but much of it was carved and Jessamy gasped as she saw the detail in it. Berry heavy ivy crept along the shelf edges, twining with the woodbine and sweetbriar that climbed the uprights. Posies of flowers adorned cupboard doors - many she recognised and some she didn't. Most enchanting of all was the tiny oaken mouse she sighted creeping among the foliage. Willem had to be a magician, it was the only explanation for such wonders.

Meanwhile the two men were discussing what could be done to help Edwin. If Willem uttered a reply to Karl's question, Jessamy didn't catch it but both went outside and from what she could make out they were lighting a fire. She realised she had forgotten the boy's plight lost in her fascination for the caravan and felt guilty. Now Willem returned and crouched down and opened a chest by the door which she hadn't noticed before because Karl had been in the way, If anything its carving was more ornate and its wood was different, darker. Maybe there was something in there that would help Edwin. Willem had taken something from the chest then gone again and Jessamy craned forward to get a closer look. The chest was zinc lined and seemed to contain many little packets and jars. The girl crept towards it, full of trepidation as to what she would see and then realised that it was effectively the man's larder and the glass jars contained as far as she could tell, nothing more remarkable than honey. Pale meadow set honey and dark liquid forest honey and several in between. She heard the creak of foot on step and retreated to the bench deflated and feeling the pain in her ankle more as she warmed up a little. Willem came back in and she had the feeling he knew she had been spying. She watched him silently from her corner as he took a packet and a jar from the chest and red glazed mugs from the shelf and a dark blue teapot. Karl arrived with kettle and a few minutes later Willem was adding some of the forest honey to the tea and offering her one of the mugs.

"Thank-you, sir", she whispered, breaking her silence at last. The heat of the mug was almost too much, the steam made her face tingle. She took a sip and its heat coursed through her. Emboldened and a little strenthened she asked, "Please, Willem, do you know what is wrong with Edwin? Can you make him better?".

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