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It was all he could do to control the anger that flared up as he listened to Seth’s comments. Was this how those of Bree dealt with their children? Willem looked from Silas at the horses to Bryn by the wagon, wondering why Jessamy’s other two brothers did not speak up in her defense.

Memories of traveling players with a caged bear in tow to entertain the crowd loomed up unbidden.

A cage….. he fumed silently, his dark eyes glinting dangerously. A chain to lead her out on…...

A low growl began deep in his chest. Willem’s hands clenched and unclenched beneath his cloak. The brothers' horses whinnied nervously and backed away from him, intending to bolt. Jumble barked loudly as he began a frantic pacing back and forth before his master. Duke, for his part, disappeared into the trees behind the caravan with a panicked whine.

‘You jest, of course,’ he managed to say, swallowing down the desire to give them all a severe thumping. His hands relaxed. Looking from one to the other, his eyes settling at last on Seth, he reached out a hand to rest protectively on Jessamy’s shoulder. ‘She’s but a young cub; we all were once, weren’t we?’ He managed a smile. ‘Surely there are other ways to help her learn from her mistakes in judgment – other than threatening such dire punishments.’

The caravan’s door burst open before a reply could be made.. Edwin came hurtling out, his hasty exit propelling him over the steps to a most graceless and likely painful landing on his hands and knees. He had a confounded look as Willem hauled him to a standing position.

‘Back with us now, eh boy?’ Willem asked, giving him a once over glance.
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