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Willem watched the little scene play out. Poor pup! he thought, hearing Duke whine as each quill was eased out. He shook his head, knowing that by morning the dog would be even more miserable than he was now - his snout would be swollen and very tender.

‘Shall I get the kettle on?’ The voice of Jessamy’s youngest brother caught his attention.

‘That would be nice . . . a big mug of hot tea!’ Willem rubbed his cold hands together as he murmured aloud, more in response to the frigid night air than to the young man’s question. ‘You know, it will take some time before all the quills are out. Better if they’re eased out, at least for Duke, that is.’

He glanced to where Jessamy leaned against Silas. ‘She looks a might cold, too’ he said motioning with his chin to the girl. ‘It’s warmer in my caravan . . . Silas, isn’t it?’ He nodded toward Edwin. ‘Maybe you can take the boy and Jessamy in there.’ He gave a quick smile toward Jess. ‘She can help you find some biscuits and tea . . . and bread and jam, too, in the yellow carved chest beneath the bed.’

Willem stepped nearer to Bryn. ‘We can build a little fire here . . .leave the other fire’s light to Karl..’ He looked from one brother to the other. ‘The night’s dark is well upon us,’ he said. ‘And it looks like the snow is starting to come down more heavily.’ His hands gestured about the small camp. ‘You’re more than welcome to share this little camp . . . if you wish.’
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