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Mithalwen is lost in the dark paths of Moria.Mithalwen is lost in the dark paths of Moria.Mithalwen is lost in the dark paths of Moria.Mithalwen is lost in the dark paths of Moria.
"I don't know... we don't get many porcupines on the farm - sometimes the quicker out the better with splinters and the like but this one has so many in his muzzle that it would be too much." Seth tried to console the dog, rubbing the loose skin at the scruff of his neck while keeping a firm hold on his collar with his other hand, "sometimes there isn't a simple right answer" he added aware of the dilemma facing his elder brother dithering over whether they should stay or start out.

"Duke will be a bit sorry for himself for a while but he will get over it in a day or two, maybe learn not to make the same mistake again, Bit of luck and the same will be true of Jess and Edwin".

“Well?” Bryn, asked his eldest brother, who was clearly torn –“It isn’t like we didn’t come prepared to stay out if we had to, and I really think we would be daft to set out now it is snowing again – we could end up stuck and more cold, tired and hungry than we are now. “ Bryn would normally defer to Silas in this sort of decision – but he guessed that his desire to get back was skewing his judgement. “Why not do as Willem suggested and get these two inside and I’ll get the fire going If the snow stops quickly we could rethink but for now we might as well eat and get as warm as we can?”

Silas gave in - “Alright, you win…come on Jess, lead the way “ His sister returned Willem’s smile, and still hobbling a little climbed back into the caravan, eager to resume her place in the cosy interior and perhaps discover more of its, and Willem’s secrets.

Bryn waited for the door to close behind his brother and just caught his gasp of amazement as he saw the caravan’s remarkable interior. Then he spoke to Willem.
“Now we can get on. We have bread too as well as soup and cheese and well I’m not sure what else - but there seems to be lots of it. He prodded around the large basket he had fetched from the waggon. “so we won’t starve. We have plenty of firewood – what with Silas being in the trade – so the fire needn’t be so little maybe . It’s under a tarpaulin so it should be dry enough. With a bit of luck we should be more or less ready by the time they have sorted out that poor dog” . Bryn made to go back to the waggon when he paused and turned to Willem, a moment of doubt creeping into even his practical mind. “You seem to know this place well enough – do you think it is safer to stay here than to try to get back- they say a lot of strange things about the downs and the forest “ he glanced towards the mounds and trees in turn knowing in his heart he had not forgotten the tracks they had seen earlier.
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