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Willem fetched the little shovel and the hand axe from the long box which hung beneath the wagon. ‘Breeze’s from the north, at least for now,’ he said, holding his hand up at arm’s length to catch the direction. ‘Let’s get the fire going here,’ he went on, starting to dig out a small pit. ‘The caravan should block most of the wind, I think.’

‘About your question…..’ Willem knelt down by the shallow pit and began shaving wood to start the fire. ‘I think you might find it safer just to stay here tonight. The trees can be tricky in the dark.’ He sat back as Bryn piled the kindling and some of the wood over the shavings. ‘And sometimes those that make their homes hereabout are less than friendly to those just passing through.....But, as I said, you'll be safe enough here.'

He rubbed his hands together near the blossoming fire and smiled towards Bryn. 'So, where's that soup you mentioned, eh?'
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