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Amarantha_Daisy has just left Hobbiton.

I'm 16. Not really *early* teen, but a teen nonetheless.

I read The Hobbit in the sixth grade and loved it, so my parents bought me the LotR boxed set for my birthday. I tried to read FotR, but could never get past the first chapter. *stupid me* Time passed, and the FotR movie came out, which I watched and loved. I picked up the book again and this time read it, then read TTT and RotK. I'm now busily getting through all of Tolkien's other works. I am also now obsessive...
"I did not see the Balrog until I saw the film! He was -- it was -- just a yellow tennis ball on top of a pole for me to shout at. I felt like screaming 'You shall not bounce!'" ~Sir Ian McKellen
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