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2.) legolas doesnt fit the hunk category. hes more the hottie kind. (there IS a difference... take it from the 13-year old)
Please allow me to take a crack at this... I spend a lot of time drawing and people seem to think that you can't draw and listen at the same time, so I hear a lot of pre-teen conversation in the Art Rooms. Correct me if I'm wrong...

Hottie = exceptionally attractive person of the opposite sex that is usually (exceptions here) in your approximate age group. Tends to have other wonderful qualities as well. (ex: That hottie over there is the most amazing snowboarder! or Oooh- that hottie in my Art class is a really talented sketcher!) In some cases, I believe the actions make the hottie. (I believe some Hottie-characters could be Legolas, Merry, Eomer, Faramir, and perhaps Pip.)

Hunk = more along the lines of whoops-all-the-good-genes-went-to-his-looks-and-avoided-his-brains. Hunks tend to be very good looking, but usually have the irredeeming quality of not being all that bright. Many times they are sports enthusiasts. (For some reason I see Boromir as a bit of a Hunk... he's too obsessive over battles and such. He's attractive, but doesn't have balanced interests.)

And so our wonderful, kind, understanding-of-hottie/hunk-confusion moderators don't cut my heart out with a spoon after threatening me with a hundred hunks in a weight room, I know quite a few pre-teen Tolkienites. They aren't sure enough of themselves to get on here and argue yet, but give them a year and a few more readings and they'll be up there with the best when it comes to "yeah, but this is actually what happened"s.

I think it's wonderful that Tolkien was/is capable of turning bored kids into avid readers and debaters. Cheers all,

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