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Originally Posted by littlemanpoet View Post
Seems like an interesting contrast, Lhuna, of beauty and unladylike. Is the beauty natural and the unladylikeness the result of being brought up like a son? So that it's actually Randvér's fault that his daughter is not a proper daughter and not a proper son either?
The beauty is natural, yes, and initially a source of pride (much more conspicuously for her mother than her father, of course). The unladylikeness is partly a result of improper rearing, and mostly of loneliness brought about by her mother's premature demise and her father being mostly absent and distant. (Remember the rumours Randvér heard? Surely that isn't how a lady of her status is supposed to act?)

As for your second question, why, you actually answered it best through Eodwine's observation back when he first met Ginna:
Eodwine did see, but he thought he saw more than Ginna's father did. The ire lay on both sides and wrongs would have to be admitted on both sides one day, but today was many days too early for such words. He liked the girl's spirit, and truth be told, saw that it told true that she was his daughter.
That Ginna is not wholly a daughter (so to speak), and lonely to boot, is Randvér's fault, but I would have expected Ginna to have learned enough from her mother not to 'retaliate' on Randvér the way she did.
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