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Birdland has just left Hobbiton.

how does he walk on top of snow after the storm on Caradhras?
I'm sure any half-decent yogi practiced in "centering" and body control would not think that Legolas' "feet feat" was any big deal. There are some amazing instances of body control sited amongst people who practice these disciplines, and being immortal, Elves must have had a lot of time to practice.

I myself experienced this once with an animal. I went to pick up a cat who did not want to be picked up. For a few seconds, as I pulled up on the cat's body, it felt as if this 5-pound animal weighed as much as a boulder. I could not lift this cat! Talk about being "centered". [img]smilies/eek.gif[/img]

Anyway, my point is: Legolas did not sink into the snow because he did not want to sink into the snow. And Elves wore slippers because they didn't need to wear anything else.

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