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Originally Posted by Mummy
the Hamster is second only to Jon Stewart in my pantheon of small but perfectly formed adorable men on television
I adore Richard Hammond!


Reading back on very old blog posts (mine or anyone else's). Not only is it a waste of time to hunt down deep into blogs to look for posts that for some reason stand out in your memory and make you want to read them again, which inevitably leads to reading all posts you have to go through to get there, but it also leads to blank, wistful, or melancholic moods. Not a good state to be in if you're supposed to be writing a project proposal for Biostatistics.

The Princess Diaries. But oh, how can I resist Mia Thermopolis's rants that so mirror the ones that go through my mind! Just in form, though, definitely not in content. Well, except for those schoolwork-related ones.
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