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dumdadadumdumdumdumdadadumdumudum(anyone whos has seen SpongeBob Squarepants Krusty Krab training video knows that this is to go on for the next 5 minutes)...

I started the call with
Saruman catches his orc(s) sampling his wine and "Ol' Toby".

Thinlomien draws this festive scene

Of which Glirdan states that
A Balrog and Goblin are completely drunk of wine and are decorating their tree with a scary Gandalf face.

Rikae draws this ghoulishly fun

Oddwen notes
A drunken Balrog and Gollum are rockin' around a Christmas tree artfully decorated with severed heads, at the Barad-Dur party house.

Hookbill renders this hot happening place

Farael observes
A party in Mordor where a big Sauron eye apologizes for a shortage of crisps while a drunken balrog, a Huron dressed as an X-mas tree and Gollum dance around.

Legate gives a differing view of that hot happening place

It is Firefoot's opinion
No one seems to be happy with Sauron right now: he lost Gollum's crisps, decorated an Ent for Christmas, and destroyed a flameless-Balrog's wings, who is now planning to poison Sauron

Elrond's Daughter takes a new medium and gives us

executive producer High King Fingolfin mandates
In the script for a TV special, Sauron decides to do some of the weirdest things possible.

Oromin gives us the weird

Nimrodel reports on the atmosphere
Crisis had struck Mordor and Sauron was about to go on an emotional rampage, but worst of all, the Nazgul were currently unemployed.

The Ka's vision of the crisis

Dancing Spawn announces
Sauron's inadequacy at economics leads him to firing the Nine who receive the news with mixed feelings.

Damrod ends with
Holby is an actual flesh-and-blood person, right? Not, say a sock-puppet of Nilp’s, by any chance? ~Nerwen, WWCIII
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