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The Firefootean Nightmare

I can't figure out why I didn't post this earlier - I dreamt it more than a week ago - but it was scary. I think it would make a good horror film.

Well, Firefoot was the leader of an evil pack of werewolves who inhabited a parallel universe. She opened a portal into ours, and suddenly, the entire planet was being bitten in the night.

I remember watching a news report about how the werewolf epidemic was worst in Africa - in Eritrea the werewolf population had reached 40%.

Anyway, basically, the world was under siege from Firefoot and her band of evil werewolves from the next universe along. There was a lot more to the dream - I was trying to stop Firefoot somehow - but as I've left it so late, I've forgotten all that. Sorry. I've also completely forgotten how Firefoot looked - furry, most likely.

Oh, and mormegil, you haven't been forgotten. I dreamt you were writing loads of huge essays full of complex interpretations of Tolkien in a new sub-forum devoted to your essays.

That brings me up to 14 people. Try and beat that! I could host a dream-party...
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