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3 dreams

I saw these dreams quite a while ago but I just recently recalled them.

My first dream was about the 2nd werewolf game. I was walking in a medieval town - the buildings were from 19th century but it was a medieval town, nonetheless. To add the proper feeling I saw my whole dream in differen shades of sepia. I remembered that I was supposed to phone phantom so we could discuss who we would like to kill during the night. When I called him (with a cell phone that worked with coins...) his voice was really high-pitched and it sounded like a voice of a six-year-old girl.

Now, I can put up with lots of oddities in my dreams but I just couldn't imagine phantom with such voice. I decided that it must be his little sister who answered the phone. Suddenly I was watching the dream like from a screen that was divided in two. In the right half I was making a phone call and in the left half there was phantom's little sister who wanted to babble about something I can't remember. I guess she would have talked for ages but that's when my coins and dream ended.

My second dream was about WW7. A person called Esgallhunardawen sent me e-mail and asked my opinion of the wolves' identities. Suddenly my mail box was swarming with Downers' names that bounced around the page and I was supposed to spot the wolves from the chaos of names.

Thirdly, Fea wanted to make a short film as some school project and she recruited half of the members of the Downs to act in it. We stood confused in some huge warehouse and didn't have a clue what was about to happen or what the film's plot was. Just when something exciting would have happened, the dream ended.

Originally Posted by TGWBS
That brings me up to 14 people. Try and beat that!
I think I just did, though I must admit that your dreams sound to be much higher quality than mine. Can I lodge a complaint? I want to see more interesting dreams.
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