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Hm. Durelin, How do you think Regnar would react when Mir deliberately reminds him of the time Regnar drove those under his command into a death trap in his rash desire to gain fame? Kinda like this, but longer and more detailed: “You and your rash plans, isn’t that what earned you thralldom in the first place? How many lives would your bloodlust gorge upon until it was sated, Regnar of Gondor, how many more must need be butchered for your rashness and pride?”

Would Regnar keep his calm (realizing that Mir was trying to provoke him into killing him), would you say, or not care in the slightest (he doesn't feel any guilt over his vanguard's massacre), or furious enough to draw his sword and thus need Ariel's intervention in order to not kill Mir?
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