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I don't follow. My complaint about VE-07 is that the Lost Tales additions seem slightly awkward; there are no Lost Tale additions in VE-03.
What I meant is that section VE-03 should be look at, not that it had Lost Tales material.

Yes, but in one of the Myths Transformed texts there enters a story where he willingly submits after the Battle of the Powers, and does not wear Angainor at that point. In my opinion, that text is in the grey area where we need to examine it carefully in order to decide whether it is workable or not. If it is, the "which he had worn aforetime" must be removed.
Ok. I would retain that he was chained, yet I do so because of personal taste more than something that comes from our principles.

One major difference is that whereas all versions of FoG were written as narrative, these notes from MT were never intended as narrative of any sort. I agree that our goal is not to create something of literary worthiness, but rather a "Complete Silmarillion". But that does not mean that we take everything that Tolkien ever wrote that pertains to some particular point and mix it all together. I don't think that the MT additions accomplish anything, and they do badly interrupt the prose.
Whenever I'm proposing emendations, I try to find hopefully everything that JRRT wrote about certain point and try to add it in the narrative. While the addition from Myths Transformed is not a narrative like the Quenta, I still think that although not being essential, IMO I think it would be worth the effort to add that detail. As to badly interrupting the the prose, that is a matter of opinion (certainly I'm no expert in the use of the English Language) but overall I don't think the damaging of the prose is greater than the addition of that bit of detail in it.

Again, I don't think that just because something could be added it necessarily should be. Also, I'm wary about adding quotations from "primary" works already published during Tolkien's lifetime.
Why so? Since our goal is not to create something of literary worthiness, but rather a "Complete Silmarillion", why not create the most "Complete Silmarillion" that we can. And that addition does in fact corrects a detail that not all of the Ñoldor were allowed to return to Valinórë.

As I recall, the justification for this is from the Name List that accompanies the Lost Tales FoG.
I'm not sure what you mean. The problem that I had with using the Egalmoth and Galdor names at that place is that there is no narrative or notes by JRRT that suggests the usage of those names in the Voyage of Eärendil. I think that it comes very close to fan-fiction, no offense intended.
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