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VE-10: My Additions to that § concerning Galdor and Eglamoth were not only based on the Gnomisch Lexicon (given as the appendix of Names in BoLT2) but were word by word taken from them. That is what makes them a bit blocky in my view. But the real issue in that section is still Gilgalad, I think.
From The Fall of Gondolin: Entries in the Name-list to The Fall of Gondolin
Egalmoth was 'lord of the house of the Heavenly Arch, and got even out of the burning of Gondolin, and dwelt after at the mouth of Sirion, but was slain in a dire battle there when Melko seized Elwing'. (See p. 258.)
Galdor 'was that valiant Gnome who led the men of the Tree in many a charge and yet won out of Gondolin and even the onslaught of Melko upon the dwellers at Sirion's mouth and went back to the ruins with Eärendel. He dwelleth yet in Tol Eressëa (said Elfriniel), and still do some of his folk name themselves Nos Galdon, for Galdon is a tree, and thereto Galdor's name akin.' The last phrase was emended to read: 'Nos nan Alwen, for Alwen is a Tree.'
Ok. I didn't see that. But Aiwendil, was this Entry meant to be part of a narrative or an explanation like the one in Myths Transformed.

The Galadriel issue: I have a strong feeling that we should not deal with Galadriel situation if we can aviod it. If we do make it in the end through all the First Age stuff and come to the Second Age we must of course incooperate Of Galadiel and Celeborn but we should not make any decission before that time, and even if RGEO is cannon, we should aviod pointing at it here. What is justified from RGEO is to alter the sentence as followes:
I really like that change.

I still believe the paragraph order in QS77 is far superior. Maybe it was just haste in composition that made Tolkien order it that way, but it was a wise editorial move to correct it. I think we should follow that lead.
I agree that QS77 paragraph order is superior to that of the Quenta Silmarillion, but can we use our principles in order to change it?

As for not creating the most complete Silmarillion that we can - we didn't add any fragments from II to the the later Tuor; we didn't add material from the Glorfindel essays to the battle with the Balrog; we didn't add anything from the Lost Tales to the Ainulindale or Valaquenta.
I have been looking at the Glordindel Essay from HoME 12, and I didn't see anything that could be added to the battle with the Balrog, nevertheless I did see something that could be added to the Of the Flight of the Noldor chapter.

One major difference is that whereas all versions of FoG were written as narrative, these notes from MT were never intended as narrative of any sort. I agree that our goal is not to create something of literary worthiness, but rather a "Complete Silmarillion". But that does not mean that we take everything that Tolkien ever wrote that pertains to some particular point and mix it all together. I don't think that the MT additions accomplish anything, and they do badly interrupt the prose.
Can you explain to me in detail as to why the addition from MT badly interrupts the prose?
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