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Lalwendė is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.Lalwendė is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.
I've remembered what the scary sound effect for the Balrog reminded me of. A blow torch! Is that what it was? Put through an echo of some kind?


Doesn't Gimli shine through in this episode? Why on earth Jackson chose to go with portraying him as some vertically challenged buffoon I'll never know but it doesn't half show up as a travesty after you listen to this Gimli! And I love that nice touch where there's a moment of silence after he's waxed lyrical over Galadriel after they leave in the boats, following which he's brought back to reality sharpish as the boast join the main current of the Anduin. Excellent stuff.

Other characters are better in this, too, such as Galadriel's voice is nicer (I love Cate Blanchett but my only drawback was she sounded too deep, like Margaret Thatcher, as Galadriel ), Haldir is less camp (I kept expecting him to launch into a rendition of an ABBA song in the film) and Celeborn is not a cipher.

I noticed that Galadriel's arms are described too - so she must be wearing a sleeveless gown then? Might not seem like much of note, but I do like to picture what characters may be wearing...

Lothlorien came across as a proper woodland glade too with the soft birdsong in the background.

Now one thing I missed in the radio version was there was not all that much of Boromir, as he seems to get lost in the general conversation, and in the books I like reading about his developing determination to go to Gondor, his developing interest in the Ring and that slight, simmering mistrust of Aragorn. Though that would be hard to portray without the aid of showing him giving glowering looks and so on But finally here we get to see plenty of Boromir! I like how we get plenty of time on his scene with Frodo and how he builds up to that final step; I also like how he's a bit shady and ashamed when he gets back to the rest of them.
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