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Originally Posted by Mithalwen View Post
Another thing that strikes me is that if Boromir wasn't going to be killed anyway, you'd have to murder him. He is a constant source of negativity yet so up himself he is in danger of turning inside out. Had he survived I don't know how many companions he woudl have got to go to Minas Tirith. The film Boromir is more sympathetic in some ways (and that is from one of the few red-blooded women who isn't keen of Sean Bean)
You are wrong. If Boromir had survived, he would have returned to Minas Tirith, alone if need be (as he said), and he would have saved many soliders from dying at Osgiliath, you better believe it. Turning inside out? What in the world are you talking about? Also who cares if he was negative? He was positive a good amount of times as well during the journey.

And they aren't talking about the overly sympathetic Bean portrayal here. I'm not a fan of MGC either. Book Boromir is the true Boromir, obviously.
"Loud and clear it sounds in the valleys of the hills...and then let all the foes of Gondor flee!" -Boromir, The Fellowship of the Ring
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