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Eodwine led the party into Scarburg and had them tie up their steeds and livestock and gathered them around in a large circle. They sat together under the shade of the tall trees that fenced Scarburg from the road, for it was hot.

"We have much to do. First we must learn the land. I will teach you what I know. To our south, across the road, is the only other land holder nearby. He is our neighbor and we must befriend him. I do not know who he is yet. To our north is the Scar, which Garstan and Thornden already know about. It is a scar of hill and rock that runs from east to west across the fields of Cormallen. Beyond it is unclaimed fen. To both our east and west is unclaimed fen as well. I will claim these lands for the Eorl of Middle Emnet, and some day not far from this we will begin to tame those lands.

"But for now, there are three tasks that must be performed. First, all must set their hands to preparing shelter that will last until the hall is built; that means the kitchen first. I place Thornden in charge of that labor. Second, we must secure the horses and livestock. I place Léofric in charge of that labor. Third, I will send us out in parties of two or three to learn every inch of Scarburg between fens and scar, so that we may know what kind of land we own, what needs to be done.

"Garstan and Stigend will form one team, to seek building materials. The rest of you form teams of two or three as seems fitting, and learn what you can. We will not search through the ruin yet. Leave that for tomorrow morning. When today's tasks have been achieved, we will sit down to a meal that Frodides and Kara will prepare for us. Rowenna, you will have charge of Javan.

"But as I said, first we make shelter."
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