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Eodwine blinked, apparenlty for the fist time in a minute or so, for his eyes stung. Thornden spoke sense.

"So it shall be. No one goes to the ruins today. Stigend, you will be needed to oversee the building of the baker. Thornden, you and Garstan and Harreld should aid him, with the help of others. I shall oversee the doings of the rest of us. Go now."

The two bowed their heads slightly and with a quick glance to each other, which communicated volumes of their misgivings nonetheless, they returned to the work.

Eodwine saw the Léof had gotten the rope he needed, and was about to try to do all his work on his own. Eodwine caught up and joined him.

"You will need more hands to help you. How many do you want?"
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