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When Eodwine arrived at the kitchen, he ordered Kara to give Javan something he could eat in his current predicament. Given her nod and "yes lord", he moved on to where the others sat at supper. Falco appeared to be the center of attention, especially of the children. Where had the hobbit been all day? He couldn't remember seeing him anywhere all afternoon. Eodwine began to listen to see if the hobbit would provide an answer himself.

"I got as far as the Scar off northeast away, and there I found tracks, so I followed 'em."

"What kind of tracks were they, Master Falco?" asked Cnebba, full of interest.

"They was human tracks, booted no less."

"Did you find who it was that made them?" asked Garmund.

"Maybe I did an' maybe I didn't," the hobbit answered with a grin, and would say no more, but busied himself with his ham hock, black bread, and ale.
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