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Mithalwen is lost in the dark paths of Moria.Mithalwen is lost in the dark paths of Moria.Mithalwen is lost in the dark paths of Moria.Mithalwen is lost in the dark paths of Moria.
Abbreviated Character Bio Form


AGE/GENDER/RACE/WHERE FROM: 17 years old, Rohirrim male from Upbourn in Harrowdale

APPEARANCE (very brief physical description/or as detailed as the player wishes to be):
Just under sixfoot and not quite full grown but much closer to reaching his full height than full strength. Still rather gawky, not quite beardless. Dark gold hair worn short in an attempt to defeat its curls, blue eyes.

The horse he has ridden to Scarburg, Safran is a 15hh mare bright bay, quarter cob,with a large white star and one white sock (near hind leg).

(again, as brief or detailed as you wish):
Only surviving child of Elfride (Darker Days) and Theodmund who died when he was seven while serving in the guard of Eomer in one of the post-War of the Ring expeditions to the South. His younger sister Matilda took ill and died aged five. In a much larger extended family, his closest relation is his uncle Elwin who is an ambitious and successful career soldier, married to a Gondorian lady who was in the retinue of Queen Lothiriel. Currently part of the garrison of Edoras.

A somewhat reluctant warrior in training, Elfthain will inherit his father's estate at Upbourn when he is of age but in the meantime his mother is a supremely competent regent.

Elfthain spent about a year in Gondor when he was ten as a page to his Uncle who was on secondment there so he is well off, well connected and has a wider experience of the world than most yet he is diffident and rather embarrassed by his privilege and wishes above all to be accepted on his own merits.

Has far more skill with horses than weapons and regards his military training in peacetime as little more than marking time until he can take up the reins at the farm. Basically good hearted but liable to thoughtlessness he often finds negotiating the debatable land between childhood and adulthood a struggle and feels his father's absence more keenly than ever.

Abbreviated Character Bio Form


AGE/GENDER/RACE/WHERE FROM: 39 years old, Rohirrim male currently living at Edoras.

APPEARANCE (very brief physical description/or as detailed as the player wishes to be):
About 6"3 and strongly built. Strong but handsome features. Has the same dark gold hair and grey eyes as his sister but otherwise no great resemblance between them - he looks like his father while his sister favours their mother.

BITS OF CHARACTER/HISTORY YOU FEEL MIGHT BE HELPFUL IN DEFINING THE CHARACTER Son of Eldred and Elflád. His father was a good soldier but a cold husband and father. His mother died when he was eight by which time he had already started his military career as a page. He has become a successful soldier and a significant figure at court helped by having a Gondorian wife, Gilwen. He has also spent time in Gondor. Unlike his father who was killed during the War of the Ring he is a devoted father to his large brood which currently numbers six (four girls and two boys) and uncle to Elfthain. Good natured and loyal, but has confidence bordering of arrogance and is ambitious and astute.

NAME: Elfride

AGE: Not quite 35
RACE: Rohirrim

GENDER: female

APPEARANCE: Tall (about 5"8)grey eyes, golden blonde hair prematurely showing a few threads of silver. Currently thin but not naturally or normally so but the result of the deprivation of the winter

PERSONALITY/STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: Elfride's naturally merry heart has been subdued by the losses she has suffered. She manages her farm and house, can handle a sword competently and a horse extremely well and as well as the usual skills appropriate to a woman of her kind (of a well established and prosperous though not noble family) she has a particular knowledge of herb lore. To those ignorant of her story her restraint and reserve can be seen as coldness. Inside she struggles with her instinct to overprotect her surviving child.


Elfride is the daughter, sister and niece of career soldiers. Her mother died when she was four and her brother already being a page and her father having little interest in girl children, she was raised by her mother's brother and his wife mostly at Edoras. Aged seventeen, she married, Theodmund, a friend and fellow officer of her brother, who took her to live on his family's farm at Upbourn which he had become heir to after his elder brother was killed in the War of the Ring.
There she bore a son, Elfthain, and a daughter Matilda. Elfride's relationship with her mother in law had a difficult start but they overcame this and Theomund's mother passed on her knowledge of healing and midwifery.
Ten years ago, Theodmund was killed on an expedition in the Southlands. Her daughter and mother in law were killed by the strange fever that had afflicted the village two years later, which was beyond her skill to heal.
She spent some time in Gondor when Elfthain was there as Elwin's page but has otherwise lived quietly on her estate and has resisted or repelled all suggestions or offers of remarriage.

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