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Originally Posted by Morthoron View Post
It would have placed first, or so I am told by many voters, but as it is a full-length novel, many folk were daunted by the size of the work (some 87,000 words).
I know exactly how you feel... only my magnum opus had to deal with being Honorably Mentioned at Fourth (one point below the second and third places, too, grr). Even more embarrassing is that my highest placing tale was movie!verse (fix-the-movies!verse, but still movie!verse) and thus had my arch nemesis, Frolijah of the Cerulean Orbs of Power*, as a protagonist.

Thanks for placing the full link. ^_^

*A power which was largely abused first by Jackson and then by the rest of the fandom, whom I fear will never join the spirited Brown-Eyed Camp. For a much more effective use of the Eyes, see Sin City.
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