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Just to let people know...

The 2010 Middle-earth Fan Fiction Awards are underway.

It's a fandom-run competition in which readers can "vote" for their favorite stories by leaving reviews (a longer review is worth more points), and contains some of the best fan fiction written in the past year--or previously.

I am posting this information here because I am trying to nominate exceptional examples of 'Downer fic. I've already made a few nominations, but if anyone has any other suggestions I am open (or they can join the awards and nominate them themselves!).

Additionally, should people be scrolling through the site, bored and in need of something to read, you are guaranteed to find at least one piece that you like on the archives (that's a very poor recommendation, because it's so vague, but it will have to suffice for now).

The website may be found here. I compete and review under the name "Celeritas".

Sincerely yours,
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