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Thumbs up MEFA Results

The full results for the MEFAs are in (voting ended on the 15th) and I thought I'd place up here, for all to see, how those 'Downers who competed this year did:

mark12_30's The Fairy Wife took second place in Drama: Aragorn or Hobbits.

Estelyn Telcontar's "To Everything... Time" took second place in Drama: Incomplete.

Morthoron's Monty Python's 'Fellowship of the Ring' received an Honorable Mention in Humor: Parody or Black Humor.

Ibrinidhilpathanezel's novel I Entulesse took third place in Longer Works: General, and her short story "The Awakening" took second place in Ring War: General.

My short stories "To Absent Friends," "Slipped Under the Door of the Master Bedroom, September 25, 1444," and "Undue Patience" each took first place in their respective categories: Hobbits: Family, Character Study: Vignettes, and Humor: Eriador or the Shire. "Sharing Sam" received second place in Hobbits: Post-Quest, and "One Breath of Air" received an honorable mention in Other Beings: General.

For those unfamiliar with the MEFA system, stories each compete in sub-categories, under larger category heads (which are usually genres, times, races, etc.). Categories contain 6-11 stories, and the mods usually try to make the categories as small as possible so that only 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place are given out. Stories in categories larger than 6 receive honorable mentions if they placed in the top half of their category.

If anyone's more interested, the full list of results can be found here.

Given that most of these fics were written by authors that a majority of reviewers had never heard of, I'm really impressed with the results (though I was a tad disappointed that Mithadan's stuff didn't place at all. I mean, AElfwine!).

Please join me in offering congratulations to everyone that competed, and I hope you all had fun. I already know of at least one Downer fic that I had forgotten about during nomination season that I'll try to nominate next year, and I'll probably go digging sometime next month for others!
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