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As soon as Dick had mentioned finding something to ease pain, Cela had set about brewing a strong tea that, while not particularly tasty, certainly worked well as a pain reliever. “And ice,” she murmured to herself as she set the tea to boiling. She was just about to head down into the cellar when Gable stepped forward, “Is there anything that I can do to help Will and Primrose?”

Cela momentarily considered sending her down to the cellar to find the ice, then realized that the ceiling would be too low down there for the Elf. It would probably take too long for her to find it, anyhow. And the tea didn’t really need to be watched; it wouldn’t boil for another several minutes. What Primrose and Will would really need was more space – the kitchen was starting to feel downright crowded. An idea struck her. “Actually, yes. Someone needs to go down the road to fetch Doc Puddifoot. Just tell him that Primrose will need her leg splinted, and Will’s arm and head need to be looked at. You know the place?” Gable nodded. “Good. Go there now.” Cela turned to Tollers. “You can go back to whatever it was you were doing. Somebody will let you know if you’re needed.”

With that, she disappeared down into the cellar, going straight to the far wall where a sealed ice box was kept. Keeping it open for as short a time as possible, she took a couple blocks of ice and carried them upstairs in a bucket stationed by the box. There, she wrapped them in a clean rag for Will when he came in. As she worked, she was finally able to ask, “Now, Primrose, what exactly happened out there?”
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