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Later That Day - Afternoon, 3:30 about

The hours passed quickly and everyone was busy at the Perch. Over night guests took their leave, more people came, lunch was served, and more people left. Dick worked away as cheerfully as he could, considering the circumstances. Rowan, thankfully, didn’t disappear again, at least when the place was busy. Tollers finished moving the furniture and helped in the kitchen. Primose was in the kitchen, too. She refused to be moved. Said she could work just fine sitting down. Dick highly doubt it, personally, and would see that she was carried off to her room early that evening.

But for now, it was far too early to consider such things. The afternoon was only half spent. Voices came murmuring through the kitchen door from the common room as he sat down and put his tired feet onto another chair. They were all served and he hoped that they would be satisfied for at least ten minutes.

“Here, Cella, hand me a cup of some of that fresh brewed tea, please,” he said. “Heavens, I wasn’t expecting this first day of opening to be so busy. Thanks you,” he added, as Cella set the steaming cup before him. He picked up the spoon she had provided and stirred absently. “Primrose, how are you holding out? Are you tired yet?”
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