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In her way, Cela had forgotten about the wider implications that Primrose’s and Will’s injuries might have on them. She had been careful to see that Primrose not move from her chair and perform all her duties sitting there, but beyond that had not thought that her injury might make her more tired than usual. Now that this possibility had been brought to attention, however, she was determined to see that Primrose received all the rest she needed.

“There’s nothing to be ashamed of in admitting you’re tired, Primrose,” Cela said kindly but firmly. “If you need a rest, do say so and we’ll get you back to your room for a lie-down. The last thing I need is you making a little mistake like cutting yourself – it’s no good thing to be working in a kitchen when you’re tired.”

She gathered up the peeled potatoes from Primrose’s platter and set them in a pot to boil. “There aren’t that many more vegetables I need you to chop now, anyway. Why don’t you go have a rest, and if you feel better later on, you can come back and help. How’s that?”
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