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Gable just finished mucking out the last stall and leading the pony to the stall. “There you are, boy. How’s a nice and clean stall sound to you?” Gable asked the pony, taking off his bridle.

She hung the bridle and walked into the Inn, and over heard Primrose and Will talking about having a rest. Gable walked to her room and changed into her mother’s dress, one that she’d never worn out of her room before, and one that she kept secret. It was the only dress, and the most beautiful, in Gable’s eyes, from her mother’s wardrobe.

She walked over to her dresser and opened up the upper drawer, a little too high for any hobbit to reach without standing on something. Gable reached in and pulled out her father’s shirt, and hugged it. She missed them both so much, and her foster parent’s. She was allowed to keep a two hat’s from them after they died one from her foster-father, and one from her foster-mother.

Gable carefully placed the hats’ and shirt back into the drawer, and changed into a dress that she’d gotten, here in the shire, and folded her mother’s dress carefully, and placed the soft blue gown into the drawer, atop of her father’s shirt.

She took off her boots and put on a pair of elf girl’s shoes. Then unbraided her hair and brushed it out. Letting it go long, as she didn’t do so often. She headed back down stairs to see if any help was wanted.
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