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Folwren is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.Folwren is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.

“What are you whittling?”

The question came from Dorlind. He cocked his head sideways to see over Taffy’s shoulder when he wasn’t exactly standing behind him. Taffy looked up briefly. “A bird?” Without asking permission or if he was invited, he sat down on the step beside him. “How’d you learn how to whittle? Does your Dad let you play with knives? Mine don’t. Mami and Papi think I’d chop of my finger.” He made the motion of whittling, but his pretend knife went to far and sliced his finger. “Augh!” he cried in mock horror. “See?” he went on, becoming serious again. “I keep telling them I wouldn’t, but they don’t believe me. My big brother is allowed to whittle. He makes whistles. Can you make whistles?”


Dick was relived when Primrose finally gave in to resting. He wasn’t so sure of her being able to rest better outside in the sun without anything really comfortable to sit or lay on, but he figured he would press his luck and make her change her mind. He agreed to let her go outside and sit on a bench and straight away set around to helping her.

“I’ll help you now, lassie, but later we’ll get you some right proper crutches that you can hop around on. Lilly, dear, grab a stool, please, and we’ll prop up your foot. Someone should find a pillow, too, or something to cushion it.”

In just a few minutes, they had Primrose situated outside. The bench sat near the kitchen door in the shade of a large tree and surrounded by sweet herbs and some brilliant flowers. Her leg and foot was propped up by a stool with a cushion on it and Dick even went so far as to fetch a blanket in case she got cold.

“Now, don’t hesitate to holler if you need something,” he said as he stepped away. “Cela will hear you, or someone will, I’m sure. Understand?”

Primrose nodded and thanked him and Dick hurried back into the inn. “Keep your ears sharp, Cella, in case she calls,” Dick said as he passed through the kitchen. “Lilly, you don’t mind staying around, do you? I’m so sorry.”

“It’s alright, Dick. I’ve got it under control.” Lilly smiled at him from where she sat, chopping vegetables. “I’ll help Cela here. What about Will, here?” She nodded towards the young hobbit. Dick blinked at him.

“Oh! Will! My word, in my worry about poor Primrose. . .hold on a might, Will. I’ve got to go back out, I think someone else has come in, but if you need to go rest, then go right ahead. You’ve got my permission.”

He hurried out into the common room and sure enough, two newcomers had come in. Elves, no less, Dick noted with surprise. There hadn’t been elves around for some time. Gable was about constantly, yes, but she lived there and had become a part of life.

“Good afternoon!” he said, smiling his broadest. “How can I help you?”
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