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“Enough? Why that’s far more than enough! You could buy yourselves dinner and still have left over! I’ll get the beers. Where’re you two from?”

Cir had left her brother to do the ordering, not wanting to look like she didn't know what she was doing, which she certainly would have as beer was as new a concept to her as it was to him. She watched in fascination as the liquid appeared, a white foam on the top of it, and took over the conversation. She'd had a little more practice with Westron than Cir had, or at least had concentrated on learning it better.

"We're from Rivendell. My name is Cir and this is my brother, also called Cir."

She caught the look of confusion on the hobbit's face and laughed.

"Yes our names are the same. Don't worry, most people get used to it in time."

The Innkeeper didn't look convinced but handed them the beers nonetheless. Warily Cir took a sip, rememebering the taste of miruvor as well as her brother, and hoping she wasn't about to experience a similar sensation of disgust. She was pleasantly surprised as the drink slid down her throat. It was bitter but didn't burn, and had an aftertaste that lingered in the mouth. Noticing that Cir had been watching her to gauge her reaction she smiled at him and nodded for him to try it.

"Thank you." She said turning back to the hobbit. "You said that we have enough money to buy food as well, what do you serve? Oh! And what is your name? It is hard to talk with someone when you haven't been introduced."
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