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Folwren is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.Folwren is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.
“You said we have enough money to buy food as well, what do you serve? Oh! And what is your name? It is hard to talk to someone when you haven’t been introduced.”

As though it would be easy to talk to two people who had the same name! But Dick answered immediately and evenly all the same. “Seredic Boffin at your service,” he said with a slight bow. “You may call me Dick, though. Everyone else does, mostly. Right now, we’ve got cheese and bread and seed cakes and other such stuff to serve, but in an hour or two, we’ll have a stew of a sort ready to serve. One of my hobbits have gone down to the river fishing and if he’s got a good catch, we’ll have fish stew. Or cook makes an excellent fish stew,” he added, nodding wisely.



Dorlind trotted off to find the sticks that Taffy instructed him to. How exciting! An older boy actually willing to make him something! His older brother, Treffy, rarely ever made him anything. He always said he was too busy, and for some reason, he always did seem to be busy. Dorlind didn’t always mind because occasionally they played together.

He found what Taffy said he would need, enough to make two whistles, and started back. He slowed his step as he drew near, seeing a dwarf standing and talked with Taffy. Two other dwarves stood in the doorway waiting for their companions.

Slowly, Dorlind drew near and he caught some of the dwarf’s words. “Hobbit, it was, that tricked that odious and tricksome worm! ‘Pon my word it was so.”

At that moment, the dwarf’s two companions called to him and ordered him away. Dorlind took a few more steps nearer as he straightened and went after them. “We’ll see you later, he? Looking forward to seeing how that piece turns out.” Dorlind went right up to Taffy’s side, extending the twigs silently as his eyes followed the broad back of the dwarf. “Oh, and remind me, if you will,” the stranger added without turning back around. “I have some pieces of my own, little animals like that. Perhaps you’d like to see them.”

Dorlind slid into his seat beside Taffy and whispered in his ear, thinking the dwarf might over hear him. “Who was that?”
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