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Taffy’s eyes were still wide from the encounter with the Dwarf. He barely heard what Dorlind was saying. He’d heard of Dwarves, from stories his Grandda had told him, but he’d never clapped eyes on one. This was in deed a treat of a day! Taffy took in a deep breath and recalled his attention to the boy.

‘I can’t really say who that was. He didn’t give his name.’ Taffy held up his little carving and turned it this way and that in his hand. ‘But he says he’s a whittler, too. And likes to make little animals.’ His eyes shone with excitement. ‘And best of all, he said he would tell me a tale later about a dragon…..and about a Hobbit that bested him!’ Taffy took a handkerchief from his pocket and wrapped his little project in it, carefully replacing the carving in his breeches pocket.

‘I’ll bet he’ll let you listen in, too,’ he went on, grinning at Dorlind. ‘If you’re brave enough, that is.’

‘Here, hand over those twigs you brought.’ He took the two pieces of wood and looked them over thoughtfully. ‘These will do nicely.’ He patted the step beside him. ‘Sit down close to me; I’ll show you how it’s done.’
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